Vatsalyapuram Seva Sansthan

Vatsalyapuram Jain Trust was started in 1980 by Jamna Devi Dhariwal, her aim was to provide education and food to poor and single parents children, at present Vatsalyapuram is doing service work all over India. Vatsalyapuram is on a noble mission of spreading love and providing protection to young children. Vatsalyapuram mainly focuses on providing a good upbringing and quality education to the orphan children to make them responsible citizens of the country. Till now, we have been successful in raising and educating more than 8000 children. As it is often said – “Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, Vatsalyapuram began as just an orphanage center and spread its roots in the service of providing free food to old age homes. At present Vatsalyapuram is nurturing more than 300 children and has 75 staff and working in 5 cities.


Orphaned children are equally deserving of unconditional support and love, the world is much stronger when the vulnerable are also strengthened.” – Wayne Chirisa
who we are

Vatsalyapuram – A Home for Orphans

Vatsalyapuram brings in orphans and abandoned children. The children who have longed to be loved, cared for, nurtured, and belong are given parental care in this home. They are inspired to overcome the discomfort and understand the feelings of strength and love. The prime mission of Vatsalyapuram is that all children should have the basic needs of life, especially when it comes to the provision of food, housing, clothing, health care, and education. The home has taken steps to provide these basic amenities to every member of this family. They also arrange a quality education for these children at the school level.

To ensure right upbringing, the home emphasizes moral science and conducts daily prayers. Here, we teach the children to treat each other as a family and share their joys and other things among them. All our efforts are to create a friendly environment so that the children don’t feel lonely, left out, or having missed someone in their life. Our team is constantly working towards its goal to educate and raise this generation in such a way that they are skilled to thrive and become responsible members of society.

Home for Orphans - Vatsalyapuram
Vatsalayapuram – Feed with Joy

Vatsalayapuram – Feed with Joy

As we were inspecting through the Jodhpur city in search of kids who need shelter, we came across numerous senior citizens who were abandoned and in poor condition to afford even a meal. This terrible sight led our foundation to launch the project called ‘Feed with Joy’. This project is for senior citizens who need nutrition and support in their advanced age.

There are more than 10,000 poor and old people in the city who are homeless, having no proper support from their families. Moreover, they cannot afford even a single meal to satisfy their hunger. To provide relief to such poor people, we started a Free Meal Service in our second branch at Pratap Nagar, Jodhpur. We prepare Healthy and pure meals rich in Nutrition two courses a day as breakfast from 9 am to 12 pm and supper from 6 pm to 9 pm and deliver it to their homes free of cost.

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We believe that until and unless members of the civil society are involved actively in the process of change and development, nothing can happen. Be a part of it.

Our Mission

To become an empowered, effective, and service-providing organization by instilling the principles and values of ‘Bhagwan Mahaveer’ to create a healthy, kind, and literate world.

Our Vision

Deeply rooted in love and compassion, Vatsalyapuram embarks itself in providing service to children, especially the unloved and uncared, and help them to achieve their full potential.

Aims & Objectives

  • To shelter and develop orphans, semi-orphans, destitute, and other disadvantaged through appropriate care and education.
  • Upbringing independent, ethical, and responsible individuals as well as communities.
  • To engage with various educational institutes to provide quality education in various fields.
  • Employing and investing innovations, skills, creative methods, and techniques in all the welfare and development activities.
  • To empower and employ the educated members of the organization.
  • To provide healthy and high nutrient meals to the old-age homes.

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